Finding the right Social Media Agency in Delhi could be very tough & challenging at the same time.

You may be having some peculiar requirements when it comes to designs, social media, and the way your company should be perceived online. This itself is a huge task and it’s not a cakewalk to improve your company’s image online. Thus, you need the right social Media Marketing Agencies in Delhi which can actually help you grow while your image elevates!

Deciding whether you want to start with your Social Media could be a very challenging situation.

You might be highly intrigued and fascinated with so many companies becoming brands online just with the help of Social Media. So, it itself is a dubious question whether or not you should be doing it, because a lot of people think that it is a money consuming practice.

Well, yes. Social Media is for everyone. Yet, it’s just not for everyone to manage it. People take years and years to understand their brand voice, and when they realize what all they have been doing, it becomes too late.

Realizing all these problems faced by companies all around Delhi and country, Ms. Shivali Kapoor, founded the Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi, Girik Infomediaa.

Shivali is a well versed Digital Marketer with an extensive expertise in Social Media Marketer. She understands the importance of social media for the growth of brands. Be it in terms of organic traffic to websites, or creating trends online, or getting more brand value as people trust you by your name – Social Media does it all. And, Shivali Kapoor understands all these factors in depth. Thus, she founded Girik Infomediaa to help startups, businesses, ventures, new companies to develop their own Social Media strategy to get the most out of their social presence.

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The Right Time

For most of the businesses online these days, they don’t really know the best times to post on their social media platforms. Let’s be honest, half of them just post anything whenever they feel like. No matter whether it’s day or night, they just post anytime they feel like. This is a wrong practice. Shivali Kapoor tells the best time to post on the social media platforms in her social media services for businesses.

The Best Practices to Follow

A lot of businesses are stuck at different things on their social media. Some of them are getting shadow banned from different social media platforms, some are unable to cross 100 likes on their Facebook page, and some are just worried about the negative reviews they are receiving. In order to tackle all these problems, Shival Kapoor has got various strategies which have helped numerous businesses profoundly. There are numerous Social Media Agencies in Delhi which are yet to find solutions to all these problems. But, with Shivali’s help, you can absolutely get rid of all these problems.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Knowing and understanding your audience persona is a difficult task. Shivali Kapoor has spent hundreds of days (and counting) in the social media field to bring out the best for her clients. While most of the businesses fail to understand their target audience, Shivali Kapoor’s Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi is a pro at it. Let Shivali hold the leash of your Marketing Spent for the next month and see the results yourself.

How we work

There has to be something that sets Shivali Kapoor’s company apart from other Social media agencies in Delhi. This is what we do differently that fetches us higher results as compared to others.

Deep market research

Before even starting anything on any project, we invest a lot of time in understanding the customer behavior online, buying behavior, competition, niche trends, and more.

Initial Strategy

With a diverse competitor research, competition, and our initial research, we come with a strategy that will most likely help you dominate your market – no matter you are beginning, or reviving your brand.


With the approval of our strategy, we dive into the main ground and start with our testing. With our learnings and implementation, we keep on optimizing our Social Media strategies to get higher returns and profits.

If you’d also like to work with Shivali Kapoor’s Social media Agency in Delhi, then get in touch with us today!

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