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If you have already built a good name in your industry, or whether you want to build one for yourself, then you absolutely need the help of PR Agencies in Delhi. Delhi, as we all know, is the powerhub with hundreds of media houses established in the state. Girik Infomediaa started by the entrepreneur who began her career with PR, Shivali Kapoor. Shivali Kapoor’s PR Agency in Delhi is one of the most favourite PR Companies in Delhi.

Shivali Kapoor is an all-rounder Digital Marketer and PR Specialist who started her career in the field of PR and HR. She has powered more than 10 growing businesses in the last 2 years with her valuable content and PR Strategies. Shivali Kapoor’s Girik Infomediaa stands amongst top Delhi PR Agencies which can help you fetch your name in this week’s Sunday Edition of a top editorial.

From hundreds of media coverages and article submissions, Shivali Kapoor has her name saved in most of the media hub’s top scorer’s contact list. If you are also eager to see your company or brand in latest newspapers, magazines, news portals, and more, then you should absolutely check out one of the best PR Companies in Delhi – Girik Infomediaa.

Here are some of the reasons why our PR Agency Delhi is chosen

Reputation Management

No matter how good you have been doing, if someone writes a bad review about you online, you need to get rid of it, or either get something written about you. It’s difficult to delete or discard a review written on a website. But, if you can get a review written for yourself from esteemed columns of highly authoritative websites, then what could be better than that? Girik Infomediaa is a Delhi based PR Agency India trusts a lot.

Visibility Management

With our PR Company in Delhi, you can take our Visibility Management Services to escalate it further. Find your brand or company going miles ahead with better visibility from Girik Infomediaa’s visibility management services.

Corporate Communications

With Shivali Kapoor’s two years of hardwork and experience in the PR industry, she has gathered a lot of experience in the field. She understands the core depth of corporate communications and thus, it has helped companies boost their productivity, scalability, collaborations, and more with her corporate communication solutions. Ask her, how she differs from other PR Agencies in Delhi.

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Types of PR Services at Girik Infomediaa

PR itself is a huge industry, and there can’t be just one solution to it. Here are some of the PR Services,
Girik Infomediaa serves to its clients.

Media Relations

Handling and managing different media houses is not an easy task. You need to keep up with what’s happening at the media houses, how the people are reacting, and lot of other things. Girik Infomediaa’s Founder, Shivali Kapoor has great Media Relations which you can leverage for your company.

Social Media

Social Media is a very powerful tool that can help you become viral on the internet. Shivali Kapoor has been thorough with the rules of Social Media and she can change the way your PR is done. With Social Media services in her PR services, you can get your story featured on some of the most happening social media news and entertainment pages and sites. This makes our PR Agency in Delhi stand different from others.

How we do it

Integrated marketing and PR services

What sets us apart from other PR Agencies in Delhi is the fact that we completely establish and dominate the roots of our clients via various marketing channels. Our integrated marketing and PR approach gives us a free hand to get marketing and PR done side by side.

Get in touch with Shivali Kapoor’s PR Agency in Delhi to get hold of a brilliant PR campaign for yourself.

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