Ecommerce is a giant! Such a giant can either broaden your wallet or stress. There’s no in-between. And when people come and ask me how to get repeat business from customers, I end up giving a one-hour long speech which they forget right after stepping outside my office, as we all know the retention rate of people these days. And this is exactly what they question about. So I am writing this blog to talk about how to increase repeat customers for an online business.

Before I begin this blog, here’s a little about me. I am Shivali Kapoor, an ace digital marketer with multiple successful clients from around the world. I help people by building their websites, delivering leads, getting orders, and more. To know more about it, click here.

Repeat Customers are a pain, but they periodically pay

It has been years that I’ve been working in this digital or internet marketing world. And so far, I have come to know that if you have a repeat customer, they trust you with all their wit. They may have some specific requirements, may nag for changes and edits. But, they are the ones you should keep and genuinely help. So, let’s see how to actually get repeat business for your service or business.

What I follow is a three-step formula to increase repeat business.


This is the first and foremost requirement for any business. Forget about repeat business. Even for getting new business, you need to have a good product. If your customers (offline or online) don’t like your products, then nobody can help you in such a case. Even companies like Google have to roll back some of their products in the past because users didn’t like them.

  • Focus on creating great products that have the capacity to generate word-of-mouth publicity.
  • Launch new products more often. You never know which one may get viral and more demanded.
  • Always have a product that leads the entire catalog.

If you follow these three basic rules, you may have a higher probability that your products will be relevant and have the tendency to cater to more audiences.

Customer Experience

This is the second step that most, and when I say most, I mean over 95% people religiously ignore – customer experience. In India, sadly, a large part of the businesses end up creating websites or apps, just for the sake of coming online. Today, most businesses create websites on a very tight budget by inexperienced website designers and developers at the lowest possible price. While that may not be an issue, a major threat is that such developers don’t have a working industrial exposure. This means, your website may not be customer-friendly, important security points may go unnoticed, and your entire website may collapse overnight.

It must be noted that the customer experience should be the top priority. Everything should be so conveniently sorted that the user shouldn’t have to roam here and there to find what he is looking for.


If all the above points are considered and done well, this is the last and the only factor that can bring profound results to your business – Marketing! Marketing, be it online or offline could immensely help your business reach millions of like-minded people who’d be interested in the products or services you sell. Target the highest affinity audience via multiple platforms like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Tiktok among others. And this will tell you how a majority percentage of the audience takes your services. Based on the feedback or criticism you get from running Ads online, you can surely make changes in your business, products, or strategy. Later on, all this will help you to get repeat customers.


Before I talk to you about the Bonus Tip. Tell me which is the department in your business with which you interact the most? Marketing? Creative? Business Administration? Well, all these departments are surely very important. But, if you genuinely want to grow your business, then you need to take help from this particular department – customer service.

It is that particular department that stays in direct contact with the end-users. They get to hear the frustration, pain, anger, and abuse from the customers. They know the ins and outs of your products from your and the customer’s perspective.

If you wish to grow your business and get repeat business online or offline, you should seek refuge in the customer service department and take honest feedback. Listen to the criticism of the customers and implement that in your product.

So, this was all about how to get repeat business from customers. Let me know how you liked this blog. If you are facing troubles in your business, and want professional help, I am the right person with whom you should connect.


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