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Planning and organizing an event are two separate things. Sometimes, the events don’t turn out the way you plan them. Hence, you need an expert’s help to ensure that your events don’t smoke your marketing budget. Well, yes let’s be honest. Nobody likes to do events because they’re happy. Communication is the reason events take place. And with communication, events unlock new doors to more opportunities. This is where Shivali Kapoor’s Girik Infomediaa – Event Management Company in Delhi comes in hand.

Shivali Kapoor’s Event Management Company in Delhi NCR

Girik Infomediaa has been established after more than two years of extensive experience. Ms Kapoor has an experience of over two years in the core event field.

Shivali has exorbited tremendous responsibilities and innovations at events in her past. With a great experience at managing events for beauty, health, children, mental health issues, she has an upper edge from other Event Management Companies.

It’s her knack for this beautiful industry of Events, that made her Event Management Services stand out from others. Here are some of our most renowned and prestigious services that help people looking for Event Management Services in Delhi.

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Here’s what we offer in our Event Management Services

Live Artists

A successful event is never complete without an artist supporting the cause or movement. Shivali Kapoor’s Event Management Company in Delhi helps event managers with finding the best, popular, trending, and under your budget artists for your event.

Wedding Events

With so many people making new bonds, taking vows with each other, marriages are changing the way they used to happen earlier. It’s not just about the 7 Pheras anymore. It’s about capturing those little moments, adorning your setup, getting the right lighting at your stage, and more. Girik Infomediaa does all that for you.

Corporate Events

Delhi being the hub of IT companies, small to large scale companies witness loads of events happening every now and then. Girik Infomediaa has proudly helped numerous companies by making their events successful. Our Corporate Event Management services are not just limited to managing your events, but organizing them as well.

How we do it

Let’s find out the ways in which Girik Infomediaa helps

Girik Infomediaa is an event management company in Delhi that has turned complex events into simpler ones within no time.

If you are managing your events on your own, rather than enjoying and building connections, then you’re missing out on the main purpose of events alone.

Deciding a venue

It’s important for companies to understand your need and the right venue for your event. Girik Infomediaa has done so many events in the past that we can recommend, book, and manage your venues in our Event Management Services. Book affordable and the right spaces and venues for your events.


No matter what, the little things, the little details and the decorations are the things that give your event a spark. Girik Infomediaa understands how to create events which can add for the glory to your organization.


Branding is one of the major reasons why companies opt for corporate event management services. Ever looked at events like IIFA and wondered why so many people remember it for its glam-sham. Our event management company in Delhi strategizes events with branding, just in case that’s what you’re looking for.


Do you have an upcoming event for which you are looking for promotions? There might be an event which you surely want to happen. But, you’re unsure about how to promote and position your event. Girik Infomediaa helps you with cross city promotions to reach out to your target audience at less cost than usual.


We understand how anxious it can get when you have organized a world class event but if no one’s coming at your event, it’s all a waste. But, no worries! Shivali Kapoor has years of tremendous experience of following the best practices to get more bookings for your events. Via online and offline channels, you can get more inquiries and bookings for your events.

If you are also looking for an Event Management Company in Delhi NCR, then get in touch with Shivali Kapoor’s Girik Infomediaa today!

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